Top 7 PMP certification training in India

 A PMP certification is inexorable to increase your mileage as a project manager. Consequently, there are many PMP certification training programs in India. But, what is a PMP certification? To put it concisely, PMPs are Project Management Professionals who are certified by the PMI( Project Management Institute) according to the standard written in the PMBOK( Project Management Book of Knowledge). This certificate is accredited internationally and can be achieved from anywhere in the world, except that all the criteria for the certification are met like the 

  • For graduates, experience in leading projects, at least 3 years, and undergraduates, 60 months of experience in the same.

  • Complete at least 35 hours of training in the Project Management field or possess a CAPM( Certified Associate in Project Management) certificate. 

For the Coursework, as mentioned before many training courses are available, of which I have put together a list of TOP 7 PMP Certification training in India.

Top 7 PMP Certification Training in India

  1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Academy is a visionary academy offering courses in multifarious domains like Technology, Law, Writing, Management, and so on. It is graded among the top edtech companies in India as well as Globally. They focus mainly on instilling knowledge on the subject along with imparting necessary skills through training and Internship programs. The PMP Certification training at Henry Harvin is recognized as the blue-ribbon course among other courses in the domain.

Course Details:

The PMP Certification Training Course from Henry Harvin is a 9-in-1 program wherein the learner can avail of the following amenities:

  • 1-year Gold Membership at the Henry Harvin Management Academy.

  • Online and live Interactive 36 hours of training by experienced trainers and experts from the domain.

  • E-learning is a feature that aids the learner to access videos, tools, assessments, and much more related to the PMP domain.

  • Multiple projects to equip the learner with the fortitude to handle real-time projects.

  • Hackathons are conducted regularly to boost the knowledge of the various kinds of projects.

  • Bootcamps are also conducted regularly to stay ahead in the game.

  • Certification after the completion of training and submission of the assignments is recognized globally.

  • Internship program for all the learners for procuring the necessary hands-on exposure in the domain.

  • Last but not least, cent percent job support to help the learner land his/her dream job.

More about the course: Top 7 PMP Certification training in India

The trainers at Henry Harvin are adepts from the respective Industry and play a pivotal role in the successful training as well as imparting knowledge in the subject. Moreover, they follow a Goal-centric pedagogy that helps the learner acquire necessary skills relevant to the PMP domain. The curriculum is extensive from basic team creation to successful completion of projects. Two soft skill modules are also included to nourish the learner with more skills.

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

Design Thinking Course

  1. StarAgile


A training and consulting institute, StarAgile offers one of the best PMP certification training in India.StarAgile is an upskilling Institute and offers courses in diverse streams.

About the PMP Certification training course

  • Online 35 hours live course which offers 35 PDUs for the PMP Certification

  • Instructors are authorized by the PMI.

  • Finish the course and a certificate will be issued.

  • The curriculum is in accord with the PMBOK.

  1. KPMG- Top 7 PMP Certification training in India


The KPMG Learning Academy, a fragment of the KPMG International offers courses in PMP as well as some other domains. The learners get to know and work on real-time projects and gain extensive knowledge in the domain from industry- experts.

About the PMP  Certification Training

  • Online 36 hours virtual sessions or four-day classroom learning.

  • Quizzes, mock tests, case studies, and real-time projects are a few of the activities.

  • Project Management framework, process, 10 Knowledge areas, and all the relevant elements for the preparation of the PMP Exam are covered vastly.

  1. ZOC Technologies


Based in Mumbai, ZOC Technologies is a major provider of certification courses in the IT as well as Management domains. ZOC Technologies have successfully delivered many project management professionals to diverse industries and their PMP Training course is packed with study material for coursework, a question bank, training kits, and much more.

About the PMP certification training

  • More than 35 hours of training.

  • Trainers are experts from the industry and the study material is in accord with the PMI.

  • A career mentor for learners facing problems in advancing their career.

  • The curriculum is vast and extensive that assists in the preparation for the PMP Exam.

  1. Edureka- Top 7 PMP Certification Training in India


Edureka is yet another brand name in the online Edtech industry that offers courses in a broad range of streams. These online courses are designed to meet the skills that are much needed in multiple industries. The PMP certification training follows the protocol aligning with the PMBOK 6th edition.

About the PMP Certification Training

  • Online training of 35 hours led by an Instructor

  • Access to the course doesn't expire and is for a lifetime

  • Projects designed to give exposure in the domain

  • The curriculum is elaborate with the course and PMI LO choice walkthrough for experience in the PMP domain.



Software training and consulting are the two main services offered at Techcanvass. Their main focus is on upskilling IT Professionals to be prepared for the evolving industry. The PMP Certification training from Techcanvass focuses mainly on the three domains i.e people, processes, and business.

About the PMP Certification training

  • Two categories of PMP training are provided here namely PMP Certification Training( Professional), and PMP Certification Training( Ultimate)

  • Both the above offer 35 contact hours

  • Online live sessions of 180 days.

  • The PMI Official Digital content is available only for the Ultimate level.

  • Question banks and drills for a better understanding of the working of the domain.

  1. EXCELR-top 7 PMP Certification Training in India


Partnered with TCS, EXCELR provides training and consulting services in multiple industries. Based in Houston, Texas, they provide quality training services to their learners who are mostly mid-level professionals from various domains. The PMP certification training at ExcelR follows the most updated version of the PMBOK. 

About the PMP Certification Training

  • Both Online live instructor-led, as well as self-paced modes of learning, are available.

  • The curriculum is comprehensive and covers all the relevant concepts throughout the course.

  • 35 contact hours criteria for the PMP Exam is met with this course

  • Other features like Whatsapp support, Questions, self-paced videos, etc are also included in the course.


The PMP certification is an ineluctable entity for increasing the career mileage of a Project Manager in any domain. The relevance of this certification points to the fact that the PMP Certification Training courses are ever-expanding and evolving along all dimensions so as to remain novel and in accord with the PMBOK. So, most of these courses offer similar takeaways from their courses. The above list can help guide you to choose the best from the list of Top 7 PMP Certification Training courses in India through the attributes and pivotal features. For more info on each visit the respective websites. Happy Choosing!


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